Paul Levy

Paul Levy

Paul has been conversifying meetings, events and conferences for over 20 years. He facilitates and helps to design conversations all over the world, in the private, public and voluntary sectors. He’s worked with organisations as small as one and as large as hundreds of thousands.

Paul is an experienced facilitator of Open Space Technology, Unconferences, action learning groups and all kinds of interactive meetings.

Paul is the founder of the award-winning DIAL project, a pioneering meeting process for small businesses and freelancers. His work with Open Space Technology includes facilitating the World Fringe Congress. He has also facilitated open space gatherings in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Slovenia and the United States. Paul recently facilitated an unconference for the Digital and Social Media Leadership Forum (DSMLF). Paul regulalrt facilitated for DSMLF as well as the Bitcoin and Blockchain Leadership Forum (BBLF)where he energises conversations. Paul was Head of Interaction for the Digital Workplace Group where he also invented DW24 an online 24 hour conversation attended by over 3000 people around the world.

Paul is regularly asked by individuals, groups, organisations and communities to energise conversations, to make meetings more interactive – to conversify!