What is it?

Conversifying breathes conversation into a meeting, conference, gathering or event.

When we conversify an event, we increase the level and quality of interaction, adding energy to the dialogue.

We ensure that any communication serves the purpose of all who are taking part. We look to simplify the over-complicated and be create with clunky, over-fixed meeting design.

We unblock and facilitate flow – flow of thoughts, feelings and actions.

We’ll take your presentation and talk-filled conference and help transform it into a participant-led real-time conversation.


We’ll help unborify your meeting or event.

We’ll turn advocacy (telling and selling) into inquiry (exploring, exprimenting and questioning.



We can breathe life into a tired conference format.

We can take a fixed, static and stuffy agenda and energise it.

We can ignite conversation – from one to one, to hundreds, even thousands.


We can take a fixed agenda and open space for a self-organised conversation.

We can turn a conference into an unconference.



We can turn a low energy meeting into a highly engaged one.